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Lamia - A panoramic view, taken from the castle


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Lamia - Bridge of Gorgopotamos Bridge of Gorgopotamos
Historically was the most important moment of the war against Axis. Soldiers of ΕΛΑΣ (ELAS) and ΕΔΕΣ (EDES), with the help of British commandos, blew up the bridge of Gorgopotamos, causing a lot of damage to the German-Italian army and delayed significantly the supply of their army. The news were spread to all Europe and brought joy and hope to people fighting against Nazis. On 29 November 1964 during a ceremony 13 people died and 45 were injured because of a bomb left from the World War II. Every year on 25 of November people gather to pay their respects to all soldiers of the Second World War. The bridge is near the village with the same name, on a beautiful place on the foothills of mountain Oiti.
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