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Beaches of Rhodope
Fanari, Imeros & Maroneia
Although Komotini is a coastal city, the sea is 20 to 30 km away and is easily accessible as there are no obstacles in between. There are beaches of all types and for all activities, from calm natural retreats to cosmopolitan beaches crowded throughout the summer. The beaches are located mainly in three areas, in Fanari, where is all organised and is the most popular, in Imeros which is upcoming and the Maroneia area where people go for calm swimming and fishing. The highlight of the beaches in Rhodope is the unique beauty of the landscape caused by the coexistence of the sea with its lakes and lagoons of the area creating thin strips of land in the water.

Beach Fanari

Long and sandy beach with lots of trees to provide shade. The locals boast for the natural beauty of the area as just a couple of miles away there is lake Vistonida. It provides all the comforts. The fish menu of the taverns and restaurants is especially reputable.
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Beach Sinaxi

Inaccessible pebble beach with crystal clear waters, nestled in an area of incredible natural beauty with rich vegetation. Prefered mainly by campers, nature lovers and anglers. A natural retreat.

Beach Arogi

Endless sandy beach, a natural continuation of the Fanari beach. It offers beach bars and rooms.
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Beach Mesi

Located in a charismatic location between two lagoons, the Mavrolimni (Karatzas) and Aliki, and a small grove. Provides an organized beach bar.
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Beach Marmaritsa

It consists of two bays in the fault of Makri - Maroneia, near the port of Agios Haralambos. Crystal clear waters in a magical landscape, choice of younsters and naturalists who enjoy the alienation caused by the difficulty of access.

Beach Kagkeles

Pebbly beach with easy access. It offers a restaurant, beach bar and also a bar open until late at night for your entertainment.

Beach Imeros

The nearest beach in Komotini (located about 20 km), sandy with over 2 km coastline with clear shallow waters and a beautiful small grove. The village is located about 2 kilometers.
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