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Kavala - Castle


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Kavala - Nea Perarmos Nea Perarmos
Peramos was a city in Minor Asia, in the north bank of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The citizens of Peramos left their houses and found refuge in Constantinople when Turks attacked and burnt their city during the war between Greece and Turkey. In 1922 a treaty was signed and an exchange of population was agreed. With this treaty, the immigrants of Peramos had to leave their houses once again and travel to Greece. Half of them went to a region near Athens and the other half to a region near Kavala and renamed this place Nea Peramos (New Peramos). The citizens of the new city based their economy in agriculture and the region is known for the grapes, the wine, a Greek distillate that come from grapes called tsipouro, olives and olive oil. Nowadays, Nea Peramos is a tourist destination and the most known place of the whole region is "Ammolofoi", an organised beach with white sand and blue sea that has become a meeting place for people of Kavala, Thessaloniki and many other cities of northern Greece. In Nea Peramos you will find a variety of restaurants and cafeterias, most of them right by the sea. You can also buy local products directly from the farmers.
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