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Kavala - Castle


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Kavala - Ancient Filippoi Ancient Filippoi
The ancient city of Filippoi is 15 kilometres away from the city of Kavala. The initial name of the city was Krinides, because of the first inhabitants of the city who were from the island of Thasos. It was renamed to Filippoi to honour Filippos the Second, the father of Alexander the Great. The city grew and became a very important city of the region after 42 BC, because of Egnatia, a road that was going from Italy to Constantinople and the gold mines that were very close to the city. Filippoi is an important landmark of Christianity because it was the first city of Europe with a Christian church, founded by Apostle Paul in 50 AD. Archaeologists continue excavations until today and many important details come to light. The have discovered parts of the market, the royal hall, parts of the defensive walls and of course the theatre, were the festival of Filippoi take place every year during the summer. There is also a museum with exhibits of all eras of the city, showing the impacts of religions and conquerors in the evolution of society.
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