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Karpenisi - Panoramic


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Karpenisi - Megalo Chorio Megalo Chorio
At an altitude of 720 metres, and only 20 kilometres from Karpenisi, you can find Magalo Chorio (big village). It is built on the foothills of mount Kaliakouda and is surrounded by wild nature. The old mansions are built according to traditional architecture, the streets are narrow and there is a lot of water running everywhere around creating a great atmosphere and making Megalo Chorio an ideal destination for people who want a few days in a quiet and beautiful village. During the War of Independence several battles took place at the hills around it and you can visit the Folklore museum, the church of St Paraskevi and St Athanasios, from where you can also admire the view. If you happen to be in the village on the afternoon of the Epiphany eve, men go out and sing the Carols. On the next day, with the money they gather from the Carols, they host a traditional feast to which all are invited.
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