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Kalamata - Panorama


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Kalamata - Monastery of Nuns Monastery of Nuns
You can find it in the historical centre of the city, very close to the Cathedral of the city. It was founded in 1796 by monk and teacher from Kalamata Gerasimos Papadopoulos. It was the first monastery for women in the region and it has been operating non-stop from the day it opened until today. It is dedicated to St Constantine and St Helen and it is built on the ruins of an old temple of 13th century, parts of which are still visible. The history of the monastery is linked with the history of the city since in its two centuries it has been a refuge for abandoned children. The main reason the monastery has become famous though, is the cultivation and processing of silk that led to the growth of silk textiles, especially silk vestments, tablecloths, curtains and mostly the famous handkerchief of Kalamata, the item that the monastery has received several awards. There is a museum inside where you can see relics of various saints, sacred vessels, vestments, precious pictures and a rich library of theological and other books.
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