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Ioannina - Pavlos Vrellis Wax Museum Pavlos Vrellis Wax Museum
A very interesting choice if you find yourself in Ioannina is to visit the Wax Museum of Pavlos Vrellis. It is a museum that presents all the life work of this distinguished artist. The museum opened in 1983, it is a building in an area of ​​17 acres and in it you can see more than 150 statues of Greek heroes, important Greek politicians and people who played an important part in the history of Greece and the progress of the society and the nation. You will see scenes from "Krifo Scholio" (secret school), the War of Independence of 1821, the First and Second World War come to life, giving you the opportunity to see from up close important moments of history. The most important ingredient used is beeswax, the other one is the talent of the artist creating a remarkable result.
How to get there: The Wax Museum is 12 kilometres from the city centre, at Bizani, and you can easily access it with a KTEL bus or a car.
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