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Ioannina - Zosimaia Library Zosimaia Library
Right in the city centre, at the intersection of Markou Botsari and Eleftheriou Venizelou, you will find a real jewel of Ioannina, Zosimaia library. It is the central libray of the city and the impact on the cultural and intellectual progress of Ioannina is undoubted. It has more than 100.000 books, 350 journals and archive of vinyl records, videotapes and digital archives. In addition, there are 12 hand scripts from the 12th century of great archaeological value. A large part of this great collection come from donations of Spyros Lamprou, Archimandrite Antoniadis, Alexander Pallis and many others. It is open every day except Sundays and you can see almost all books and all the archives, especially those in electronic form. You can read the books on a specially designed space and there is a lending department of children’s books.
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