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Ioannina - Lake Ioannina - Pamvotida


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Ioannina - Lake of Ioannina Lake of Ioannina
Pamvotis Lake
Pamvotis is the official name of the lake from the ancient times, although it is most commonly referred to as the lake of Ioannina. The lake is 470 metres above sea level and the maximum depth reaches 11 meters in some places. The water of the lake comes from springs on mountain Mitsikeli. The level of the water had many fluctuations during the 10.000 years the lake exists. The shores are full of trees and the lake creates a unique eco-system in the region, with many different species of plants and animals, both inside the lake and outside. For those who like delicious food is known for the fish, the eels, the crayfish and the fried frog legs. At the lake there is a fish hatchery from which lakes and rivers of Greece are supplied with brood stock. The lake of Ioannina is the trademark and the most known spot of the city. If you visit Ioannina you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to walk next to the lake or sit in one of the cafeterias and enjoy your coffee and the view! Also, you could visit the small island of the lake, where Ali Pasas used to live and the place he was murdered.
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