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Grevena - Traditional village on Pindos


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Sights in Grevena

Grevena - Flega Lakes Flega Lakes
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Grevena - Vasilitsa Ski resort Vasilitsa Ski resort
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Grevena - The Vlachochoria The Vlachochoria
Samarina, Perivoli, Smixi, Avdella and Krania
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Grevena - Pindus National Park Pindus National Park
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Grevena - Bridge of Ziakas Bridge of Ziakas
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Grevena - Aimilianou Square Aimilianou Square
Main Square of Grevena
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Population: 17.610
Description: Grevena is located in Macedonia and is the largest city of the prefecture with 25.905 inhabitants. Appear as a city during the Byzantine Empire. The 1995 earthquake that struck the region resulted in major damage, but fortunately no lives, as two pre-earthquake had already beat the residents out of their homes. At 2007 was declared the "City of Mushroom" and visitors can find many different kinds and restaurants using mushrooms as the main material in their dishes.

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