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Drama - Aggitis Cave Aggitis Cave
It is the largest river cave of the world, 25 kilometres away from the city next to the village Piges in the municipality of Prosotsani. Its uniqueness lies on the fact that on the ground of the cave flows the river Aggitis. The area visitors are allowed is 500 metres long but the total lenght of the cave is 21 kilometres. It was discovered by French speleologists in 1978 in collaboration with the Greek Speleological society. One of the most impressive parts is the exit of the river from the cave through an arched opening at the base of an arched hall (hall of wheel). This hall has a 40 metres diameter and is 15 metres high. It was known because of its natural opening and was the starting point for the scientists. The other name of the cave is Maara, that may come from the Arabic, meaning small cave, or from Hebrew meaning water from the mountain. In the cave many things of everyday life were discovered and you can see them in the archaeological site. Apart from the cave you can find cafeterias and restaurants, but you can also have a pic-nic next to the river.
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