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Drama - Ski resort of Falakron Ski resort of Falakron
The ski resort of Falakro is 46 kilometres outside the city and and is one of the largest and most equipped of the country. The total area covered is 600 squared kilometres. The main facilities are on the plateau of the Holy Spirit at an altitude of 1720 metres. The highest chalet, with a magnificent view, is at an altitude of 2110 metres. It has detachable aerial lifts, fixed grip chairlifts, surface lifts and baby lifts that can take you to one of the 20 slopes. In the ski resort you can find a restaurant, a guest house and a place where you can rent all necessary equipment for skiing. There is a parking with 600 spaces and a fully equipped infirmary. Apart from ski and snowboard you can also hike, climb and mountain bike.
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