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Drama - Christmas decoration


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Drama - Park of St Barbara Park of St Barbara
The trademark of the city of Drama is the park of St Barbara which was one of the 60 best parks of Europe in 2000. It covers an area of 60 acres and it took its name from the church of St Barbara that is inside the park. According to tradition, when Turks tried to tear down the church and build a mosque, the church was covered by the water of the lake and thus it survived. The citizens considered it a miracle and celebrate St Barbara every year on 4th of December by lighting up candles and leaving them on small paper or wooden boats in the lake, creating a great scenery. In the park you can enjoy the tranquillity, the perennial trees, the rivers and lakes with bridges, ducks and swans. In the park you can sit and enjoy your coffee to one of the cafes of the park.
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