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Delphi - Temple of Apollo


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Delphi - Temple of Apollo Temple of Apollo
This is the most important monument surviving from the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi. According to legend it was built in the same place it was in the past the mythical temples of Apollo which depending on the period was made of laurel branches, bees wax and copper.

Built in 510 BC with the sponsorship of many Greek and foreign rulers, but also the catalytic contribution of Athenian family Alkmaionidon. From an architectural point of view it was Doric style with 6 columns on the front and 15 on the sides. It was hosting excellent sculptures ascribed to Antinagora and pediments with scenes of the god Apollo and the mythological battles with the giants.

In 373 BC the Sanctuary resorted to a fundraiser to collect money for the rebuilding of the temple as a major earthquake destroyed it almost completely. Architects of the new building which was also Doric and is the one that we admire today were Spinthagoras of Corinth, Xenodoros and the Agathon. Similar to the previous one this temple had six columns on the front and 15 on the sides. The pediments made from Praxias and Androsthenes and they were hosting scenes of Apollo, the Muses and Dionysus.

For the interior of the temple scientists know that included the "navel of the Earth", a bronze image of Homer and an altar of Poseidon while the deepest levels were accessible only to priests for the divination process.

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