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Athens - Panoramic southern suburbs


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Athens - Pireaus Pireaus
Mikrolimano - Kastela
Pireaus is one of the largest cities of Greece, one of the most important industrial areas of the country and its biggest port. As a result Pireaus is considered one of the most important cities in terms of economic growth. Although it is a separate city from Athens, the growth of the suburbs of both cities has as a result that it’s not easy to understand where one finishes and the other starts. You can walk around the streets, do your shopping and admire the beauty of Pireaus. There is a large pavement for pedestrians across the coastline where you can walk and see the many, small gulfs, have a coffee in one of the cafeterias with a sea view and have your meal at Mikrolimano, in one of the many restaurants that serve fresh fish right next to the water.
How to get there: With line 1, green line of Metro, in the end of the line, Pireaus station.
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