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Athens - Panoramic southern suburbs


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Athens - Historic Centre Historic Centre
Thiseio, Monastiraki, Plaka
The historic centre of Athens consists of Thiseion, Monastiraki and Plaka. Thiseion is located Northwest of Acropolis, near Asterospopeion. Very important sights are the Temple of Hephaestus as well as the Attalus Arcade, where the treaty of the enlargement of the European Union was signed. Today Thiseion is known as a place ideal for relaxation, with a lot of cafeterias and tavernas. Monastiraki took its name from a small church in a corner of Ermou and Athinas streets and there is also a mosque from the period of the Ottoman occupation of Greece. Monastiraki is known for the many, and very small, shops that sell almost anything. Plaka is the oldest neighbourhood of Athens. The buildings were proclaimed listed after World War II and today you can find cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries and houses of important Greek families. In Plaka you can also find the neighbourhood "Anafiotika", built by citizens of the Cycladic island Anafi who moved to Athens and the architecture is the same as in any island of the Cyclades.
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