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Athens - Allou Fun Park Allou Fun Park
Allou Fun Park is one of the most interesting and fun places in Athens and many people visit it every day. It covers an area of 40.000 square metres and offers a variety of games for every age and adrenaline level someone may seek. There are many games that are seasonal, trying to be fun at any weather. During winter there are games indoors, while during summer there are many games with water in order to avoid the heat. So, if you like this kind of entertainment pay a visit at Allou Fun Park!
How to get there: From Omonoia square: buses Β18, Γ18, trolley 21 – stop KAN-KAN.
From Metro station Aigaleo: buses 829, 801, 802, 803, 804, 845, 703, 909 – stop Γ’ Nektrotafeio.
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