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Sights in Arachova

Arachova - Local products Local products
"While being on Arachova you have to try local products and dishes. Arachova was always known for the dairy products t..." read more »
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Arachova - Local architecture Local architecture
"The best way to see Arachova and truly appreciate it is by walking around its streets. The traditional architecture a..." read more »
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Arachova - Ski resort of Parnassos Ski resort of Parnassos
"Arachova for every Greek means snow and skiing and generally, winter sports. The ski resort of Parnassos is one of th..." read more »
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Arachova - Arachova's Battle Memorial Arachova's Battle Memorial
"In Arachova took place one of the most victorious battles against the Ottoman empire during the War of Independence i..." read more »
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Arachova - Panygiraki Panygiraki
Fair of Arachova
"Panygiraki is one of the most interesting festivals in the whole Sterea Ellada region. It takes place during the cele..." read more »
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Arachova - Saint George church Saint George church
"If you are in the centre of Arachova and you look up you will see the church of St George standing on the highest poi..." read more »
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Population: 4.180
Description: Arachova is a picturesque mountain town in the Boeotia prefecture located at an altitude of 960 meters ( 3,150 feet) on the southern slopes of Mount Parnassus. The population of the municipality including the surrounding villages exceeds 4,000 residents and the majority of the locals is associated with tourism businesses. Arachova is one of the leading and most popular winter destinations in Greece. It attracts thousands of skiers, visitors and winter sports enthusiasts as it offers a range of interesting options and all at a relatively short distance from the capital city of Athens. Due to the cosmopolitan side of the area, as it is preferred by many celebrities for the winter getaways, it could easily be compared with the best known European ski resorts, but in any case not neglect the cultural heritage and traditional values of the local area. It is also a historical point as a heroic place where during the Greek independence war Georgios Karaiskakis (Greek Army commander) fought and defeated the army of Moustafabei (Ottoman commander). You can reach Arachova in the northwestern part of the prefecture Boeotia within 160 km (100 miles) from Athens and certainly the picturesque scenery and the helpfulness of the locals will make your stay truly memorable.

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