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Arachova - Panoramic


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Arachova - Local architecture Local architecture
The best way to see Arachova and truly appreciate it is by walking around its streets. The traditional architecture and the wild beauty of the peaks of Parnassos mountain create a beautiful scenery. On the steep rock you can see the tower with the clock, while on the side you can find the church of Presentation of Mary and the old elementary school, which now is the folklore museum of Arachova. On the south part you can see the church of St Ioannis, with rare Byzantine frescoes and a little further is the chapel of the Annunciation, on the rock of which you can see the flag of Arachova, the first flag of the region of Roumeli after the revolution against the Ottoman empire that led to the War of Independence. On the west side you can find the bust of Karaiskakis, the leader of the battle of Arachova and also, you can admire the view to the valley of Delphi. If you visit Arachova during Christmas you will have the chance to see it decorated with many Christmas lights and you can also visit the ski resort.
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