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Arachova - Arachova's Battle Memorial Arachova's Battle Memorial
In Arachova took place one of the most victorious battles against the Ottoman empire during the War of Independence in 1821. The leader of this battle was George Karaiskakis who, after the fall of Missolonghi and a short-term help in the defence battle of Acropolis of Athens, ended up in Roumeli trying to prevent Turks from getting their supplies from the north. On 18th November 1826 he met with Turks near Arachova and after a six-day battle he won, causing almost 2.000 dead soldiers of the enemy, amongst them their leader Mustafabei. This victory was very important because it revived the morale of the Greeks and they kept fighting for their freedom. Karaiskakis since then was considered a hero and locals thought of him as a liberator. In the courtyard of the church of St. George you can find the monument of Karaiskakis in memory of the victorious battle and the freedom of Arachova.
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