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Alonissos - Port


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Beaches of Alonissos

Beach Rousoum Gialos

The Rousoum Gialos beach is located between the main port, Patitiri and Votsi village. Beach with very fine pebbles, easy access and many options for dining and accommodation.
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Beach Votsi

The small beach of village Votsi, near the picturesque harbor and fabulous restaurants. Beach with pebbles, turquoise waters and background with the high green cliffs.
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Beach Agios Dimitrios

Exotic beach with small pebbles and pine trees, just across the Peristera island. Agios Dimitrios is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Alonissos.
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Beach Leftos Gialos

Also called Leptos Gialos, a beach with pebbles and deep clear waters. Located in a wooded bay and behind the beach you will find some wonderful restaurants.

Beach Megalos Mourtias

The Megalos Mourtias beach is located near the Chora of Alonissos and consists of tall stone but the bottom of the sea is sandy. There is a family restaurant for lunch and coffee and some rooms.

Beach Kokkinokastro

Beach of outstanding natural beauty with red cliffs hanging, beautiful pines and deep blue waters.
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Beach Chrysi Milia

Popular beach in the settlement of Chrysi Milia, sand pebble and turquoise shallow waters. It offers services for underwater tour.
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Beach Tourkoneri

Isolated unspoiled beach near the church of St. Anargyroi, between rocks and pines. Non organized beach with difficult access, recommended for nudists and naturists.

Beach Mikros Mourtias

Isolated non-organized beach ideal for nudists and for people who want to enjoy the tranquility of nature. It is located near the Chora of Alonissos, the next bay after the Megalos Mourtias.
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