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Alexandroupoli - Port


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Alexandroupolis - Evros Delta National Park Evros Delta National Park
The Evros river delta is one of the most significant wetlands not only in Greece but throughout Europe. Every season thousands of birds, fish, reptiles and animals refuge there to either use the delta as a stopover on their journey to warmer climates or either live there all year round. The flora of the delta is unique, with many rare species. It has been documented that the immense variety of plants does not depend on the climate, but on the soil and its content in water and its the level of salinity. The information center operating in Traianopolis has a daily goal to provide information in relation to the river delta and the organization of educational visits and tours in it. The visit includes the wetland route minibus and boat tours. The visitors watch a screening of a documentary regarding to the wetlands of the Evros delta and then are transported there by minibus to observe the birds with binoculars and, when the weather allows, to go on a boat tour.
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